Comfortable Office Chair – The most important piece of furniture in your office

Comfortable Office Chair – Why is it so important?

A comfortable office chair can make the difference between a bad day at the office and a good one. I overheard a client on the showroom floor recently say “Well its not like I’m picking out a couch. I don’t want to spend more than a hundred dollars.” This got me thinking, because I have actually used the exact opposite explanation when discussing options with some of my clients.

Why is it we don’t think twice about spending over six hundred dollars for a recliner we use at most two to three hours a day to watch television, but when it comes to a chair we may use eight to twelve hours a day we want to spend the bare minimum.


I am not saying that more money necessarily means a better chair, what is important is your comfort while you work. If you work full time, odds are you spend more time sitting in your office chair than any other seating you own, so why of all your furniture purchases do you want to focus only on the price and spend the least amount of money there.

People ask all the time “What is the most comfortable chair you offer?” Or I want a chair in this price range, which ones are the most comfortable on my budget. The problem is that comfort is subjective. A chair I might find very comfortable could be very uncomfortable to someone with a different body type.

What I recommend is that you sit in chairs on a showroom floor for a while. Don’t just plop down and move on without sitting for a few minutes. Wheel up to a table and simulate your working posture. Put some real thought into it, find the chair that fits your body type and work style best. Then once you have determined what you needs and wants are, start looking at price.

I am all about getting the best price for what I want just like most people. But I also believe in doing the research and figuring out what I want and need, and then getting the best possible price on something that ticks all those boxes. All chairs are not the same.

If you are having trouble finding the most comfortable office chair for your body type and work style, then it is time to consult an office furniture professional. We have the experience and knowledge to help you find what you are looking for, and we can work within you budget and explain the reasons for price variations between models.


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