Large Conference Tables – A Shocking New Trend

Large Conference Tables – A Shocking New Trend

Large Conference Tables and boardroom tables are nothing new. But as manufacturers try to keep cost down among manufacturers there is a relatively new trend over the last year or so that is shocking to some who are not expecting it. For as long as I have been in the business the convention on conference tables is to have the grain running length-wise down the table, running parallel to the longest side. That is what most people have grown accustomed too.

So what is this new trend rubbing some people against the grain? In an effort to limit waste and keep costs down, many budget to mid-market office furniture manufacturers have opted to turn the grain width-wise parallel the shortest side of the table. The reason? Matching the grain when running horizontally produces waste and takes extra time, which increases production costs. Small increases in production cost by the time it passes from the manufacturer, to the distributor, to the dealership become exponentially larger.

Large Conference Tables – Against the Grain

And a solution for those it rubs the wrong way.

     Large conference tables with width wise grain don’t personally bother me. It is a personal preference and it is unconventional but it is appearing more and more. But many clients, even after seeing photos, are shocked when they see it in person. There are still many manufacturers producing large conference tables with lengthwise grain. Most of those are higher end mid-market up manufacturers. CorpDesign, however offers large conference tables. As long as you want in 2 foot increments. With lengthwise grain. All at a cost that competes with budget manufacturers, and with a 10 Year Warranty.


They also offer a full line of other office furniture casegoods and seating.  And as always, we are able to provide full service design and CAD support.  Send us your office floor plan and let us do a layout and quote for you today!

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