Office Furniture Keys – Buy Replacement Keys Online

Office Furniture Keys – Buy Replacement Keys Online


Office Furniture Keys can be easily and quickly replaced. Often I get calls from clients looking for replacement locks thinking they have to change out the whole mechanism.

Locksmiths charge a minimum trip fee for coming out to your location, and office furniture is too heavy to carry in just to have a lock picked or a key cut, so what is the solution?

Office Furniture keys are done by code. If you look right on the front of your lock there should be a code engraved right there. It is usually a series of 3-4 numbers and or letters.

Some manufacturers use the same key code, but that doesn’t mean its the same key so knowing the manufacturer of your piece of furniture is helpful if more than one manufacturer comes up.

If you are having trouble reading the code you can use a magnifying glass and a flashlight. If those aren’t handy, try taking a picture with your phone with the flash on, and then zooming in on the picture.

Once you have your code go to and if you use PROMO CODE: BF222 when ordering, you will get a special discount.

Type your office furniture key code in the search box and select the correct manufacturer in the results.

If you are having trouble finding the manufacturer try looking on the sides of the drawers, both inside and outside this is the most common place for a sticker or stamp from the factory.

If none of that works, email me photos of your furniture. The more the better. I have been dealing in office furniture long enough I can usually tell you the brand and the model from a couple of pictures.

Don’t forget to use the PROMO CODE: BF222. also carries replacement lock cores and locking mechanisms. The next time you need a replacement file cabinet key, or any other type of office furniture key try first.

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