Office Privacy Pods – A Solution for your Open Floor Plan Woes.

Office Privacy Pods – A Solution for your Open Floor Plan Woes.


While the open office floor plan remains the office layout of choice for many companies and industries.  It does have its pros and cons.  One of the main cons being a lack of private space for small group meetings or phone calls that should be kept confidential.


This is one of the many reasons I have always impressed upon my clients the importance of making sure they have adequate space to implement an open floor plan concept properly.  Something many of them are surprised to find out requires more square footage not less.

These privacy pods by ClearDesign are an excellent solution with a relatively small footprint.  When considering the amount of space they take up and the cost of building out a space to fill the same purpose they represent a huge savings.

From a phone booth sized workstation to a small to medium sized conference room setting complete with television screen for presentations and teleconferencing, these pods offer a flexible and elegant solution with acoustic insulation to keep you meetings and phone calls private, while limiting distractions.


Whether you are looking for an open floor plan or a more conventional office layout it is important to involve an office furniture professional before you sign you lease or start your build out.  Go over the pros and cons, and space requirements and costs before you lock yourself into a space that might not be ideal for the type of work space you are looking for.

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