Office Furniture Professional

Office Furniture Professional

Thomas C. Akerman

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     Office Furniture Professional, that is how I would describe myself. I have had many titles over the years, from installer to lead installer, to Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Designer, Sr. Project Manager the list goes on. But what I have always been and will always be is an Office Furniture Professional.
It has not been a job it is a career and a passion. I got my start as an Office Furniture Professional the same way my father did, working with my father. But it was important to him that I have work experience outside the industry as well. I held other jobs from being an office assistant, bar tending, waiting tables. I also have experience in Information Technology, Web Design and Search Engine Optimization, and I hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Sales and Sales Management.

Office Furniture Professional – Why?

I am starting this site for the purpose of promoting myself as an Office Furniture Professional. I will be posting anything from pictures of office furniture installation, videos or pictures of my office furniture designs, and any information about office furniture that I think my clients or prospects might find interesting or helpful.

I encourage anyone looking for office furniture, especially when moving or opening a new office to seek the help of an office furniture professional. I can help you layout your office and make the right selections for your office environment. It is not my job to just sell you something.

As an office furniture professional it is my job to ask you the right questions, to determine your needs, and to recommend the best solution for your unique situation. I have a lifetime of experience in the office furniture industry, and the knowledge that I have gained through that experience.

Put that knowledge and experience to work for you today! 

Call or text me : Thomas Akerman at (832)250-4269

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     I have worked with Thomas on two separate occasions. He is easy to work with and available for any questions you may have throughout the process. Very professional. –Alexandra Solorzano, VP of Operations, Mint Physicians Staffing

Alexandra Solorzano, VP of Operations, Mint Physicians Staffing

Thomas is very knowledgeable and professional. He has been in the business for years and was able to help me find the perfect office furniture for our space. I would highly recommend him and will be using his company again in the future. – Courtney Sanchez, YCI Methanol One, LLC

Courtney Sanchez, YCI Methanol One, LLC

I highly recommend Thomas Akerman for your office needs. He’s very helpful & will find the best deal for you! –Julie Zacek, PepsiCo

Julie Zacek, PepsiCo.

     Thomas was very professional and helpful to me when I was furnishing my law office. I would recommend him highly. He did a great job and was a pleasure to work with. –Katherine Miller, Law Office of Katherine B. Miller  

Katherine Miller, Law Office of Katherine B. Miller