Large Executive Desk – Custom design on a budget.

Large Executive Desk – Custom design on a budget.

Large Executive desk office suites can be expensive. The largest standard sizes most office furniture manufacturers offer are around 6 feet by 3 feet for the main desk. This client wanted an 8 foot main desk but had a budget that didn’t allow for any of the out of the box larger desks or a custom build.


Large Executive Desk – Thinking outside the box.

All of the components used to build this desk are available from Express Office Furniture Catalog in their Status series. Express Office does not have an 8 foot desk, so what is the solution? The top from an 8 foot conference table. The base shown is utilizing the false pedestals from the 6 foot desk and substituting the cross beam from the 8′ conference table as a modesty panel.


The result? A high end look with an overall footprint of 8 feet by 10 feet. The total cost after installation and tax came in at under $2500.00. This included everything you see in the picture except the chair which is a HON Pillowsoft executive chair.

A large executive desk office suite with all of these options whether out of the box or custom fabricated could easily cost double that if not more. The client couldn’t be happier with the results. If you are looking for anything office furniture related, and you just aren’t finding it. Even if others have told you it is not possible, please CONTACT ME.

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