Modern Office Furniture by CORPDESIGN

Modern Office Furniture by CORPDESIGN

Modern Office Furniture can vary greatly in price and quality. The newest addition to my product assortment CORPDESIGN strikes the perfect balance for those who want a sleek modern look at a price that won’t break the bank.

Many modern office furniture manufacturers feature glass tops as options for their desks and conference tables.  CORPDESIGN has several products that feature white backed glass tops.  What makes the glass top conference tables and glass top desks from CORPDESIGN unique, is that the backing allows the use of a laser mouse.  Many clients overlook the fact that almost every glass table top on the market renders a laser mouse useless.

When considering modern office furniture, like any office furniture line, it is important to look at the breadth of line and accessories.  You really want to stay away from most home office furniture lines if the furniture is going to be used on a daily basis or in a real office environment.

The lower priced home modern office furniture is generally pretty poor quality, and the higher quality home modern office furniture is often over priced when compared to a good quality modern office furniture line designed and warrantied for office use.

Also, because office furniture projects are larger in scale than a home office, commercial office furniture lines have a wider variety of options, accessories and matching items than the typical home furniture line.

The CORPDESIGN catalog of modern office furniture also comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.  All of the products are in my CAD software so I can help layout your entire office.  CONTACT ME Thomas Akerman (832)250-4269 for a professional modern office furniture design consultation today.

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