Conference Room Chairs -A solution for disappearing conference room chairs.

Conference Room Chairs – Why do they disappear?

Conference room chairs in some offices have a tendency to disappear, or mysteriously turn up broken. The most common reason for this is that they are either very similar or the same chair used elsewhere in the office. I usually spec down conference room chairs with fewer features and adjustments because most conference rooms aren’t used by the same person by more than an hour or so. But many clients push for a uniform look so we go with similar fabrics or the same model but with fewer features.

Conference Room Chairs – A fun and functional solution

Conference room chairs don’t have to be boring. It is a great place to bring a pop of color into your workplace while designating and organizing your conference rooms. I have a client who wanted the same model chair throughout all of their cubicles and conference rooms, but was concerned about employees swapping them out and moving them as they had in their previous office. A chair would break, or someone would need a chair in another area, and instead of reporting it, they would simply go into a conference room and swap it out.

Then when it was time for a meeting, possibly with one of their clients, the conference room chairs  would mysteriously be missing or broken. The solution? Color coding. The Red Conference Room, Blue Conference Room, Green Conference Room, and so on. Each with its own color coordinated conference room chair. With most manufacturers, as long as the fabrics are the same grade and all other specifications remain the same, it does not change the price of the chair.

If you are considering having a standard chair for all of your employees or everyone in a specific area, you should check out my previous post about ergonomic chairs. You may want to consider having a list of approved chairs in the same fabric to allow you to keep uniformity throughout the office without paying a lot of money on a high end multi-function chair.

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